Anonymous asked: so i really want to follow your dylan fan fic have you posted?

Yes I have love the first chapter actually a few minutes ago. Go check it out of you want.

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Capture Everything

It’s finally done. Now I can start writing, I’ll be spending a lot of time here. So if you still want to read my ish just hit this account up! :)

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Yahoo is trying to buy tumblr. Reblog if you are against this!

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Lol I lied that was sarcasm I’m not going to be on my 1d fanfic blog. I’m going to be on my Dylan O’Brien fanfic blog. So you can find me here, here, here, or right side up. I’ll add the link to my nav, but if I could get some followers on there that’d be cool too. It’s under construction, but it’s almost done.

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Amazing dancers&teachers @Ian_Eastwood @BrianPuspos #AmazingDay #Inspirations #Kubscoutz

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If you’re reading this and or following me that means I’m taking a little hiatus from this blog. I know I’m like always hiatus on this blog, but I’m going to focus on my 1d blog now that chapter 17 is posted. Hope you guys liked that by the way! Anyway if you wish to reach me and read more of my is follow my 1d blog here or here or here and over there.

Oh and follow her here or here or upside down.

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Anonymous asked: Are you updating?

It’s finally posted love.


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Anonymous asked: Where is chapter 17?? :(

It’s posted love!


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